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Matchsaver Covers help protect sports playing surfaces from inclement weather such as rain frost and snow. Matchsaver pitch covers are widely regarded as the most effective on the market. They are the cover of choice for many of the world’s most prestigious clubs, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea FC, Torino, Malmo, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich and many more.

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Matchsaver Air Roller Covers are used across a wide range of sports and levels including junior, amateur, professional and international. Leading agronomists have helped develop the covers to provide optimum protection for sports surfaces.

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Flexible, Tough and Recyclable, Matchsaver Pull-on covers are lightweight and strong with UV protection. Suitable for protecting a wide range of sports surfaces.

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Matchsaver Automated Covers are widely recognised as the most advanced covering system available. This wireless remote controlled system provides fast and effective deployment, the ultimate sports surface protection.

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Jason Griffin, Head Groundsman, Chelsea Football Club.

“We need to cover the pitch quickly and smoothly to control the effects of adverse weather and Matchsaver does the job to meet our World Class standards”

William Watson, Head Groundsman, Hamilton Academicals FC

“All the covers definitely stopped the pitch from freezing it was sub-zero for 4 days. And the hard work of the staff and fans helped remove the snow”

Paul Burgess, Chief of Pitch Maintenance, Real Madrid CF

“At Real Madrid we constantly strive to keep our playing surfaces in world class condition, this is why we chose the Matchsaver system. It was excellent value, both in terms of cost and performance. The teams training schedule is very tight and we didn’t want to be restricted by adverse weather conditions. I have been so impressed with the system that I have requested an additional 2 systems for our training ground. Matchsaver now enables us to train when we want, without interruption as the pitch can be protected from rain, frost and snow at the press of a button”

Anders Lindsjö, Stadium Manager, Malmö Swedbank Stadion

“We are positively surprised with the effect that Matchsaver had on the grass growth in just five days in February winter conditions. We have not used the under-soil heating at all which means financial savings and reduced CO2 emissions. We covered the pitch continuously and did not get any problems with the grass. With Matchsaver we can better control the temperature and humidity of the pitch all year round”

Ing. Giancarlo Revelchione, Municipality of Turin

“The first Matchsaver cover was installed at the Delle Alpi Stadium (Juventus). Further to great results in maintaining the conditions of the pitch during bad weather, a second system was installed at the Stadio Olimpico. The system confirmed its performance, in particular the covering and uncovering speed ensuring optimal condition of the pitch for the Turin football teams playing at the highest level”

Nathan Chapman, Head Groundsman, Charlton Athletic FC stated

“At Charlton we are literally in a Valley and the temperature here can be 3 and 4 degrees lower than the upper street levels. These covers are easy to manage and quick to roll out. Previously we needed to get volunteer office staff to assist with pull on covers now my team of 4 can cover the pitch in under an hour with the Air Rollers”

Mehdi Bayat, Owner Royal Charleroi Sporting Club

“Matchsaver is the ideal equipment to protect the new pitch at Stade du Pays de Charleroi. The groundsmen are very pleased with the ease of covering the pitch and the high level of protection the covers provide in winter”

Tony Wilson MD Spennymoor Town FC

‘It has been a well known fact that the Brewery Field Pitch has been an issue with water logging and frost for a few seasons and with the level of football being played by the club it was imperative that action was taken to ensure as many games as possible be played and not postponed.

Matchsaver covers enabled us to meet that demand through immediate delivery and ease of deployment to the playing surface aligned with great after sales support’

Gareth Morgan, Barrow AFC’s Head Groundsman

‘We wanted to ensure all our home fixtures in January and February could be played, including the FA Cup Match with Rochdale, and with Rigby Taylor and Matchsaver we were able to take immediate delivery of the Air Roller 8. The covers are neatly located pitch side for easy and swift deployment to protect from the freezing temperatures’

Dr Tim Lodge (Phd), the UK’s Leading Turf Consultant

“Having seen Matchsaver in action I’m convinced this could make a fundamental difference to the way we think about pitch construction. The quick and easy deployment allows the groundsman to finally have some degree of control over the most unpredictable aspect of sports surface management, the weather. Think about this as a tool to manage soil moisture levels and the possibilities expand massively”

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