Football Pitch Dimensions

Source: the FA

Association football pitch dimensions can vary in size depending upon the number of players involved.


Minimum Length = 20m (21.87 yards) Minimum Width = 30m (32.80 yards)

Maximum Length = 25m (27.34 yards) Maximum Width = 35m (38.27 yards)


Minimum Length = 30m (32.80 yards) Minimum Width = 45m (49.21 yards)

Maximum Length = 35m (38.27 yards) Maximum Width = 50m (54.68 yards)




Minimum Length = 45m (49.21 yards) Minimum Width = 60m (65.61 yards)

Maximum Length = 50m (54.68 yards) Maximum Width = 67m (73.27 yards)


Minimum Length = 90m (100 yards) Minimum Width = 45m (50 yards)

Maximum Length = 120m (130 yards) Maximum Width = 90m (100 yards)


Tennis Court Dimensions

Source: LTA

Full size Courts

Minimum size = 34.75m x 17.07m

Maximum size = 36.57 x 18.29m

Playing area = 23.77m x 10.97m.

Distance between multiple courts has to be a minimum of 3.66m.


Cricket Pitch Dimensions

Source: ICC

This is the ICC’s Standard Playing Conditions which define the minimum and maximum size of the playing surface for international matches.

Law 19.1.3[1] of ICC Men’s Test Match Playing Conditions as well as ICC Men’s One Day International Playing Conditions states:

19.1.3 The aim shall be to maximize the size of the playing area at each venue. With respect to the size of the boundaries, no boundary shall be longer than 90 yards (82.29m), and no boundary should be shorter than 65 yards (59.43m) from the centre of the pitch to be used.

The overall dimensions of a turf wicket varies according to the level of cricket competition being played. The dimensions of a turf pitch are 20.12m long (from stump to stump) plus a minimum of 1.22m behind the stumps to accommodate the return crease and bowler approach area. The width of a turf pitch is 3.05m.

Wicket length = 20.12m (22yds)

Wicket width = 3.05m (10ft)

Orient cricket pitches as close to north-south direction as practical as low afternoon sun could be dangerous for a batsman facing due west.


American Football/NFL

The rectangular field of play of American football measures 100 yards (91.44 m) long between the goal lines, and 160 feet (48.8 m) (53 1⁄3 yards) wide. The total length of a football field is 120 yards.

The field is marked with a yard line every 5 yards, and every 10 yards is marked by a field number. The hash marks are 1 yard apart, used to mark each down when the ball is between the yard lines.

The only difference between college and professional football fields is the placement of the hash marks.


Baseball Field Dimensions

The infield must be a square that is 90ft on each side. The outfield is the area between the two foul lines formed by extending two sides of said square. Parks must have a minimum distance of 325ft between home plate and the nearest fence, stand or other obstruction on the right and left-field foul lines. Also make sure there is 400ft between the home plate and the nearest fence,

Overall Area:

U10 – 79.25 x 79.25m

U13 – 79.25 x 79.25m

U16 – 94.49 x 94.49m

Adult, Pro League Baseball – 117.35 x 117.35m


Crown Green Bowling Green Dimensions

A maximum green size of 40m x 40m is expected although there is no exact stipulation. Bowling greens are built in a square shape as close to 40m allowing for games to be played in either direction. Playing in different directions allows for even wear on the greens. Smaller greens need to be a minimum size of 25m x 25m.


Equestrian/Dressage Arena’s

The most common size for equestrian arena’s is 20m x 40m.

Large arena’s of 20m x 60m are common for dressage.

A standard size competition arena can be larger again at 100m x 200m.


Hockey Pitch Dimensions

Source: England Hockey Association.

The standard pitch dimensions for the field of play are 91.4m x 55.0m. Total play area of 5,027 sqm.

Originally played on grass, field hockey is now played mainly on three types of artificial surface:

Unfilled or water-based surface: Artificial fibre densely packed for stabilization. Requires irrigation or watering to avoid the pitch wearing out.

Dressed or sand-dressed surface: Artificial fibre less densely packed. Sand supports the fibre for a least part of pile depth.

Filled or sand-filled surface: Artificial fibre longer and less densely packed. Sand supports the fibres for 100% of the pile depth.


Outdoor Netball

Netball Court – 30.5m x 15.25m (100ft x 50ft)


Rugby Union Pitch Dimensions

A rugby pitch field of play must not exceed 100m in length and 70m in width. The in-goal areas must not exceed 22m in length and 70m in width. The length and width of the playing area must be near as possible to the dimensions 100m x 70m or 144m x 70m including the in-goal areas.


Rugby League Pitch Dimensions

Rugby league pitches can have be a maximum size of 122 x 68m. The playing field is 68m wide and 100m long from goal line to goal line. Rugby league pitches tend to be slightly smaller than union pitches but both league and union can generally be played on the same pitches with some league and union teams sharing stadiums.


Gaelic Football and Hurling Pitch Dimensions

GAA and Hurling are played on the same pitch.

130m x 80m Minimum.

145m x 90m Maximum.

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