Surface Types

Synthetic Surfaces

Matchsaver Pitch Protection Covers are in use protecting synthetic surfaces from freezing. Synthetic surfaces can provide many years of excellent service as long as they are looked after. Regular servicing is required to prevent deterioration of all types of surface in all types of sports.

Examples of common types of synthetic surface by sport


Artificial grass – many types and makes

Sand filled needle punch surfaces

Polymeric surfaces





Artificial grass – many types and makes


Artificial grass – many types and makes

Polymeric surfaces



Water based

Sand based

Various reports have been published on the relative merits or pros and cons about synthetic surfaces.


Advantages of Synthetic Pitches

There is a perception that the two main advantages of synthetic surfaces are the availability for use in all weathers, particularly for football and the even quality of the playing surface.

3G is a very good playing surface with a steady bounce, similar to grass and wears well.

Sand-based surfaces tend to be cheaper, durable, have a long life, don’t require as much attention, a good all-rounder.

Water-based surfaces are usually only suitable for hockey with the softer surface good for joints and even game play.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Pitches

The biggest disadvantage for all synthetic surfaces is the risk of freezing. 3G pitches will freeze in sub-zero temperatures. Also 3G pitches in particular can be hugely expensive to install and maintain. Over time rubber crumb in-fill can get pushed to the pitch perimeters. As a result the crumb needs to be brushed back into position regularly to help prevent injuries which can include friction burns.

Sand-based surfaces can be risky to play on as they can get extremely hard in cold weather. The sand can compact which can lead to drainage issues.

Repairing all types of synthetic surfaces can be extremely expensive so it makes sense to protect them as much as you can as early as you can.



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