Matchsaver Pitch Protection Covers deliver to Charlton Athletic FC

Matchsaver have just delivered Air Roller 8 Pitch Protection Covers to the famous Valley stadium, home of England’s Charlton Athletic FC.

Charlton’s pitch covers protect their entire pitch so providing quick and effective protection against severe weather during the busy season. The covers arrived already attached to the air rollers so allowing for immediate deployment upon arrival.

Nathan Chapman, Head Groundsman, Charlton Athletic FC stated:

At Charlton we are literally in a Valley and the temperature here can be 3 and 4 degrees lower than the upper street levels. These covers are easy to manage and quick to roll out. Previously we needed to get volunteer office staff to assist with pull on covers now my team of 4 can cover the pitch in under an hour with the Air Rollers’

Charlton Athletic are the latest club in a growing client list across Europe with clubs in Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK all using Matchsaver pitch protection equipment.

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