Matchsaver Deliver New Automated Pitch Cover System To Varnamo In Sweden

Matchsaver Automated Pitch Covers at Varnamo

In spring Matchsaver delivered a new 2021 Matchsaver Automated Pitch Protection System to Varnamo in Sweden.

Swedish football club IFK Varnamo play at the Finnvedsvallen stadium. The stadium is used for a variety of sports with the football pitch located in the middle of an athletics track.

Varnamo winters are long, freezing, and overcast so effective up-to-date pitch protection was a priority. Both the football club and the local council were looking for a solution that would deploy easily and rapidly with a minimum of personal. The system would also need to store neatly behind the goal when not in use. The new Matchsaver Automated System was the chosen solution as it fitted the requirements. Therefore, despite difficult weather conditions earlier this year a dedicated Matchsaver team arrived in Varnamo to carry out the onsite installation.

Powered by the latest rechargeable battery technology, the system is wifi controlled and recharged via the normal domestic power supply . Three phase power is no longer a requirement, so this makes installation times quicker and more cost effective, and there are no trailing cables. Varnamo chose a two roller cover system that travels from goal to goal, with the covers stored discreetly behind one goal when not in use.

Other deployment options include a three roller version which can be deployed side-line to side-line. Smaller versions can also be installed to cover different sized pitches, including training pitches, artificial surfaces etc.

Despite poor weather conditions, the state-of-the-art pitch protection system was fully installed and running smoothly within five working days. Instruction and training for the Varnamo staff was initiated and completed onsite by the Matchsaver team.

Matchsaver supplied us with their 2021 Automated Covers for the Finnvedsvallen Stadium in Varnamo.

The Matchsaver installation team were very professional and accommodating, completing the full installation (including ground staff training) within five days, despite bad weather conditions.

We are very pleased with the Matchsaver Automated System, which allows Varnamo to keep their pitch in optimum condition, and ensure fixtures can go ahead regardless of the weather

Magnus Möllerström

Project Manager

Unisport Sverige AB

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