Winters can be severe in Stavanger with heavy snowfall, deep frosts and average monthly rainfall of 30cm throughout the winter months. FK Viking were looking for a tough long lasting solution to protect their main stadium pitch. The pitch already had undersoil heating but extra help was needed to help keep the pitch from freezing in winter. FK Viking chose Matchsaver Automated Covers as the solution.

Viking Stadium Covered by Matchsaver Automated covers
FK Viking pitch Ready for match day - Matchsaver
FK Viking Stadium - Covered by Matchsavers Automated System

Matchsaver Automated Pitch Covers – the world-class solution for pitch protection.

Matchsaver Automated System covering FK Viking's Stadium

The Solution
Fully remote controlled the automated pitch covers were delivered, installed and thoroughly tested in just one week. The Automated Pitch Covers allow FK Viking ground-staff to protect the main stadium pitch with minimal effort.

Germination Lamps on Matchsaver Covers at FK Vikings

The Matchsaver pitch covers insulate the pitch and work in conjunction with the club’s undersoil heating, warm air blowers and mobile lighting rigs. Tough and long-lasting the pitch cover material provides a light transmission rate of 70%. This germination property significantly improved the condition of the pitch. The automated covers have provided FK Viking with years of world-class pitch protection in a tough environment with minimal maintenance.

Frozen pitch at FK Viking before the installation of Matchsaver Covers

Pitch condition before Matchsaver Automated Pitch Protection Covers were installed

Pitch condition after Matchsaver Automated Pitch Protection Covers were installed!

Installation of Matchsaver Auto System at FK Viking

FK Viking store their Matchsaver automated pitch covers behind the goal at one end of their main stadium pitch. The Matchsaver is deployed from goal to goal whenever complete pitch protection is required. Its’ adaptability allows for only part of the pitch to be covered or uncovered depending upon requirements.

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