London based Charlton Athletic were looking for football pitch covers that provided both frost protection and germination properties for the Valley stadium’s grass pitch. Charlton decided that Matchsaver Air Roller Permeable Pitch Covers was the right solution for them.

Charlton FC being covered by Matchsaver permeable covers
Valley from above
Matchsaver Permeable Covers at The Valley

At Charlton, we are literally in a Valley and the temperature here can be 3 and 4 degrees lower than the upper street levels. These covers are easy to manage and quick to roll out. Previously we needed to get volunteer office staff to assist with pull on covers now my team of 4 can cover the pitch in under an hour with the Air Roller

Nathan Chapman, Head Groundsman, Charlton Athletic

The Solution
Eight Matchsaver permeable air roller pitch covers were delivered to the Valley pre-assembled and ready to be deployed by Nathan and his Charlton groundstaff.

Matchsaver permeable pitch covers provide excellent germination properties whilst providing frost protection when waterlogging is not an issue. The germination properties of the covers have significantly improved the condition of grass on many of our customer’s sports fields.

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