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Matchsaver Air Rollers are manufactured from heavy duty coated fabric with UV stabilisation and reinforcing grid. All joints are fully heat sealed for constant use in the hardest of outdoor environments. All rollers are fitted with high quality quick release valves for convenient inflation and deflation, and integrated grab handles for enhanced manoeuvrability.

Portable petrol air blower also available and sold separately.
(Covers and sandbags sold separately)

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Matchsaver inflatable air rollers are used to deploy the covers across any playing surface quickly and efficiently.

When not in use, the Rollers can be deflated and either stored by the side of the playing surface, or removed to a storage area.

The rollers come fitted with a 15m long velcro strip to enable any number of genuine Matchsaver cover to be easily attached. 

A 50mm diameter hose and valve connector are included with the air roller.

Portable petrol air blower also available and sold separately. 
(Covers and sandbags sold separately)

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1m diameter

Additional Products

14m x 14m or 18m x 16m attachable covers (Covers are modular and can be attached to each other and the roller by the industrial-strength velcro. which is sewen into both the covers and the roller.


Each product bought separately and can be found in the Matchsaver Shop

Bespoke Size Requirements

Matchsaver Covers: We can supply covers to suit any sized outdoor sporting area. Please contact us with your required dimensions, and we will be pleased to provide a quotation. Email or Tel + 44 (0) 3458 721800

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